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We shape the future of Feedback

Smart Tools and People Analytics for a motivating and powerful corporate culture



Numerous customers from medium-sized businesses to large corporations trust us:


Selected statements from satisfied customers:

“With HRinstruments we have found a partner who really understands what we are all about. Ownership and reflection are important pillars on the way to agility. That’s why every employee has access to the entire toolbox of HRinstruments and can give feedback quickly and flexibly as well as independently decide when, from whom and in what form he wants to obtain feedback. The team of HRinstruments has created these flexible feedback possibilities in close coordination and with great commitment and together we will continuously adapt and further develop them.”

Hannelore Diertl-Deskovic
Executive Vice President People & Organisation
TecAlliance GmbH

“Rapid change in the world requires continuous learning in order to adapt and stay relevant. Feedback is a key ingredient to effective teamwork. People are intrinsically motivated to develop and grow. If they are given the support to do this – e.g. via feedback – this fosters motivation and happiness. HRinstruments helps us reliably to conduct pulse surveys, to capture team and employee feedback and offers dependable software that supports us in our cultural change process.”

Mathias Wiest
Stabsmitarbeiter Group Head of HR
Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG

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From questions to solutions – with our Toolbox

Instant feedback, employee survey or 360°-Feedback: everything under one roof







Our Tools in Detail 



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We organize and simplify your feedback processes


Software-as-a-Service for every size of company and every sector of industry

Feedback tools for all levels of the company – from individual employees to the entire organization

Realistic mood pictures as a sound basis for decision-making







We have the needs of your employees in mind


High participation through intuitive user interfaces and easy integration into everyday working environment

Decisions that are supported by your employees

Continuous promotion and development of your employees through systematic follow-up processes


We guarantee the highest level of data protection


Own servers with highest security standards in Germany

Ensuring the anonymity of your data in accordance with the guidelines of the BDSG and the EU DSGVO

Software setup in close coordination with your works council and your data protection officer





 Our tools…

… support employees and teams in recognizing and exploiting potential

… fit into any corporate structure and IT landscape

… can be individually combined and intuitively used


Our Team…

… combines scientific and technical expertise with many years of practical experience

… works with the most modern technical infrastructure

… is interdisciplinary and has a real vision



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