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Instant Feedback

For playful feedback and real-time results


For playful feedback and real-time results.

Instant Feedback

A company has grown very rapidly in recent years, so internal structures have not been able to keep pace with growth. For the active creation of a feedback culture, Instant Feedback offers employees a platform that technically implements the qualitative feedback they have been accustomed to up to now.

In a large corporation, numerous feedback instruments such as 360° feedback, team diagnoses and employee surveys have been used for 15 years. Nevertheless, the feedback culture has not changed fundamentally, so that Instant Feedback is a playful, but at the same time serious and constructive approach for all employees.

With Instant Feedback, a company provides a platform for exchange and development for all apprentices and trainees who start at different locations worldwide. Instant feedback is used systematically in training courses or workshops and at conferences to actively live authentic feedback right from the start.


Representatives of the Millenials generation and Generation Z, as well as experienced employees and executives, expect real-time communication today. If this need is transferred to the feedback culture, then feedback must be completely rethought.

In addition, feedback can and has to be fun, even when challenging content is involved. That’s why we integrate a wide range of elements from gamification and social networks into our instant feedback. Gamification means that playful incentives for regular and intensive use are integrated into instant feedback.

You can thus offer your employees a platform on which they can independently exchange feedback within a protected framework. By proactively requesting and submitting feedback, a real feedback culture is lived which, in contrast to traditional instruments, can also be felt well beyond the official survey and feedback period.

Our Approach:

Instant Feedback lives from the active participation of the employees, so that they can interact with each other via the browser or via our apps for iOS and Android.

In addition to open qualitative feedback, closed-ended questions can also be integrated in the style of a small pulse survey. For example, company management can offer participation opportunities to several thousand employees within a few minutes. In addition, analyzis and statistics are available to the company management and HR department in order to identify multipliers within the organization.

Depending on the agreement with the works council and data protection officer, feedback can be exchanged either anonymously or openly.


Pulse survey

For fast mood pictures with a participative culture

Pulse survey

For fast mood pictures with a participative culture.


A medium-sized company wants to actively live democracy and change its corporate culture. The aim is to inspire young employees and actively involve them in decision-making. This is achieved by the company management and the top management with regular pulse surveys.

Every year, 100 people from all over the world are accepted into a long-term development program for high potentials. With the help of pulse surveys, both the program management and the participants can communicate with each other and make quick participative decisions.

A large corporation has been conducting regular employee surveys for a long time. However, this leads to frustration among employees, as they are insufficiently involved in follow-up processes. With pulse surveys, follow-up processes are designed in a participative and dynamic way in order to increase the motivation and commitment of employees in the long term.


The expectations of employees have changed fundamentally: It is no longer sufficient to conduct a large employee survey every 1-2 years. Employees expect continuous participation and integration in relevant decision-making processes. With a pulse survey, mood pictures of employees can be obtained within a very short time. It is also possible to ask questions about different topics in stages over several weeks or months.

Pulse surveys thus represent a powerful tool for companies with which employees can be involved in decisions in real time. It does not matter whether 50 or 50,000 employees are surveyed.

Anonymity and data protection as well as transparency and voluntariness play an important role in the pulse survey just as they do in employee surveys. For this reason, the same high data protection and security standards apply and the anonymity of all respondents is completely guaranteed at all times.

Our Approach:

Pulse surveys are a fast and flexible option for us compared to more complex employee surveys. In addition, pulse surveys can also be used in many places as a supplement and follow-up of subsequent processes in employee surveys.

Pulse surveys allow you to ask questions independently and send them to all employees or to selected groups of employees. Anonymity and data protection are completely guaranteed throughout the entire process. You can define whether only senior managers, HR managers or employees can use pulse surveys.

In the context of “feedback weeks”, for example, identical or changing compact topics can be continuously queried over several weeks or months. This makes it possible to analyze mood pictures over time.


Employee survey

For in-depth analysis and strategic change


For in-depth analysis and strategic change.


A large corporation changes its strategy for all international locations. For this reason, an employee survey should be conducted to determine the strategic orientation on all five continents. Regional and global follow-up processes will then be jointly derived and implemented.

Recruiting and retaining employees is becoming increasingly difficult in an established medium-sized company. An employee survey is to be used to examine satisfaction and mood in order to identify the key factors for the future development of the organization.

The topic of health and work-life balance is becoming more and more important for a government organization. An employee survey should analyze the current situation and at the same time sensitize employees and managers to the topic. The follow-up processes should sustainably increase the performance of all employees.


For companies, an employee survey offers a valuable starting point for an intensive analyzis of the attitudes and opinions of employees and managers.

Employee surveys can be used with different objectives, in the form of opinion surveys, benchmarking surveys or climate surveys.

The results of an employee survey lead to the identification of central adjustment screws and thus enable the strategic further development of the entire organization.

In order to guarantee the success of the employee survey, anonymity and data protection as well as transparency and voluntariness must be communicated and fulfilled in all places. The intensive involvement of the works council or personnel council and data protection officer is therefore of great importance in employee surveys.

Our Approach:

Well-founded questionnaires are a central starting point for the acceptance of an employee survey. We therefore work closely with scientific experts and professors, such as from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

Our tools support you from the survey through the result reports to the follow-up processes, so that the entire process can be handled on a uniform platform. Highest data protection standards (e.g. server location in Germany) and complete anonymity (e.g. evaluation only from a predefined number of persons) are guaranteed.

An employee survey requires intensive support from experienced experts. So that your employee survey becomes a long-term success, we offer you accompanying consultation and support with follow-up processes.


Feedback for Managers

For motivated employees through
excellent leadership


For motivated employees through excellent leadership.

Feedback für Führungskräfte

Due to the early retirement of the founder of a large consulting firm, a new CEO is now being sought. A systematic feedback process is used to record and compare the leadership competencies of all managers applying. In a further selection step with a Development Center, the most suitable successor for the company management can be determined.

In a company with 10,000 employees, managers are to be individually promoted. Accordingly, feedback for different application scenarios is developed and used: Feedback for junior executives, feedback for longstanding executives, feedback for senior executives.

A young company with flat hierarchies is in a strong growth phase. As a result, disagreements and conflicts in the individual teams can be noticed. Semi-annual feedback for managers with moderated feedback workshops promotes intensive exchange between managers and employees.


Feedback for managers focuses on the assessment of a manager in order to support their further development with regard to their leadership competencies. Feedback for managers can also be used for potential analyzis.

Feedback for managers is limited to two assessment groups: The self-assessment of the manager and the external assessment by the assigned employees. This differs from 360° feedback, which can also take into account numerous other feedback providers, such as customers or colleagues.

In recent years, structured feedback for managers has established itself as an essential instrument of management development. The application scenarios are diverse: long-standing executives who
are not sure of their leadership ability, especially with new employees of generations Y and Z, or innovative companies that work with new forms such as shared leadership.

Only a structured feedback process can provide detailed information on how a manager behaves in his or her role and what opportunities for improvement exist.

Our Approach:

Often, concerns about negative consequences as a result of poor judgment block constructive feedback. Anonymity can counteract this problem. Combined with our instant feedback technology, concrete questions and target-oriented communication are still possible.

You can easily individualize the feedback for your managers and adapt it to any leadership situation. This opens up completely new avenues for targeted and systematic executive development – regardless of whether you are a senior manager or a junior manager. You will also be supported in all follow-up processes by our tools and we will also provide advice if required.


360° Feedback

For diverse perspectives and individual development


For diverse perspectives and individual development.

360° Feedback

The corporate culture in a medium-sized company has to develop further due to the advancing internationalization. To develop their personal work or leadership behavior all employees and all managers receive 360 degree feedback with coaching sessions.

Young managers in the trainee program of a large corporation should receive individual support. They receive 360° feedback every six months. This feedback is completed by work colleagues, participants in the trainee program and the manager of the feedback recipient.

In a large company, managers should be supported as individually as possible. To this end, various management feedback and 360° feedback are introduced, such as for senior managers or for trainee trainers.

What is 360° Feedback?

At the management and employee level, feedback instruments are particularly useful for personnel development. 360° feedback and management feedback each focus on one feedback recipient. In 360° feedback, the recipient can be either an employee or a manager.

With 360° feedback, multi-perspective assessment is particularly valuable. Typical feedback sources are the superior of the feedback recipient, colleagues, employees – depending on the activity also customers and suppliers.

The most helpful and lasting effect of 360° feedback is also the comparison of one’s own self-perception with different external perceptions.

Through the comparison with different feedback providers, differentiated implications for actions and perspectives of further development for managers or employees can be pointed out with 360° feedback.

Our approach:

The further development of employees and managers can only succeed if they are open to change. At the same time, feedback must be given when it is appropriate for the people involved.

With our tools for 360° feedback and management feedback, you get a flexible solution. HR managers or even employees and managers can start and manage feedback independently. After the survey, all participants are accompanied by our tools with interactive reports and clear follow-up processes.
Thanks to attractive licensing models, you can calculate fixed prices regardless of the number of feedbacks carried out.



For more performance through better collaboration


For more performance through better collaboration.

The project team of an internationally operating company consists of team members who work at different locations. At the end of a project, a team feedback procedure is to be carried out in order to identify improvement potentials in virtual communication and to enable learning effects for the team members for future projects.

In a young, dynamic company, various flexible working models are offered. As a result, some team members work regularly in the home office. For the introduction of the flexible working models, monthly team feedback is carried out in order to accompany the changes with a mood barometer and, if necessary, react proactively with improvement measures.

A software company has decided to introduce agile project management methods. The work is divided into regular sprints of 2-3 weeks. These sprints are accompanied by short teamfeedback to keep always track of the mood in the team and possible improvement potentials.


Feedback instruments do not only make sense on the management or employee level: they also play a decisive role in team development. Team feedback does not focus on a single feedback recipient, but on the entire team.

Teamwork can lead to high productivity and real synergy effects – provided it takes place on the relationship level as well as on the factual level.

Successful teamwork is determined by a large number of psychological processes. These strongly influence the factual work, in a positive as well as in a negative sense. Teamfeedback offers a valuable starting point for an intensive analyzis of communication and cooperation within the team.

In addition to a clear distribution of roles and a good organization, a pleasant and respectful working atmosphere is a decisive success factor. Transparent and honest communication can also facilitate a constructive handling of conflicts. Team feedback helps you to ensure that cooperation within a team is sustainable, positive and target-oriented.

Our Approach:

Particularly due to high time pressure, no timely differentiated feedback is given in everyday work, so that anonymized standardized feedback processes are indispensable for team development.

Our aim is not to replace personal communication, but rather to supplement and support it with a structured analyzis. In addition, agile teams in particular can benefit greatly from a regular team survey in pulse mode, so that continuous feedback is possible, for example with Scrum Sprints.

Our tool is characterized by a systematic approach: After an in-depth analysis with a survey and the analysis of the results with PDF reports or the interactive dashboard, clues for team development can be derived. Through the subsequent discussions and the resulting development of follow-up processes as well as their monitoring with the Task Manager, changes following the diagnosis phase can be sustainably established.


Risk Assessment

For a healthy working environment and motivated employees


For a healthy working environment and motivated employees.

A young start-up with a handful of employees is founded. According to §5 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all employers, regardless of the number of their employees, are obliged to carry out a risk assessment. Therefore it makes sense to set up a standardized, digital and clear survey instrument right from the start.

A medium-sized mechanical engineering company is struggling with constantly increasing absenteeism among its employees. A scientifically based risk assessment is the best way to quickly identify possible causes.

A protracted change process demands a lot from a company. The working hours of the employees extend and the fear for their job increases. A risk assessment of psychological stress provides direct information on how these factors also affect the psychological well-being of your employees.


A risk assessment is a preventive determination of aspects of work that could endanger the safety and health of employees. Embedded in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, there is also a legal basis that requires the employer to carry out such an analysis.

Together with successful health management, such a survey offers the opportunity to significantly improve health in companies. Long-term improvements can be implemented by identifying critical factors relating to the everyday working life of employees.

Thus not only employees but also entrepreneurs benefit from a risk assessment. By reducing the number of sick days and occupational accidents combined with the participation component of a survey, satisfaction and productivity in the company can increase significantly.

Our Approach:

On the basis of scientifically sound questionnaires successfully used in practice, we create meaningful risk assessments. The contact to renowned professors gives us a further advantage, especially with regard to the assessment of psychological stress at the workplace.

The clear evaluation with concrete and individual suggestions for action as well as graphic representations allow the user to analyze the progressive graphs and to react accordingly.

The risk analyzis thus offers an efficient tool to discover optimization potentials in your company and to improve the health of your employees. We are happy to support you with the survey and the corresponding follow-up processes.


Performance Management

For motivating goals and more performance


For motivating goals and more performance.

Performance Management

In a medium-sized company with various locations, employees are to be promoted and motivated more strongly in the future. The introduction of semi-annual meetings consequently strengthens the feedback culture and the further development of employees.

Personal staff appraisals have been established in a company for years. Now the process is to be accompanied with the help of software in order to obtain daily updated key figures for personnel planning and control.

A company with 250 employees and international locations needs more flexibility in the preparation and follow-up of feedback meetings. During the interviews, development areas of the employees consequently automatically forwarded to the personnel department in order to initiate appropriate development measures.


Performance Management is first and foremost about agreeing motivating goals with your employees and managers. Scientific findings clearly show that you achieve more performance and more motivation among your employees by leading with goals.

Employee reviews and target agreements can provide a structured and transparent framework for managing with goals. By using cloud-based tools, the preparation and follow-up of employee appraisals can be carried out flexibly.

In addition, more regular feedback meetings play an increasingly important role, for example every 3 or 6 months. This allows early review and ongoing updating of existing goals and development areas, which is difficult in a one-off annual meeting.

Team goals are also becoming more and more important so that systems for the targeted control of these goals getting more important.

Our Approach:

We are convinced that target agreements and employee appraisals can only take place in a participatory manner. For this reason, our tools support the joint preparation of meetings by employees and managers. It is also possible for colleagues to additionally assess the achievement of objectives versus goals or the competencies of the respective employee.

Employees and managers can prepare themselves for the interview with a digital or printed report containing the summarized assessments. The focus is on the interview, as the documentation can also be done subsequently using our software.

By using a personal dashboard, each employee can continuously review his or her individual goals and performance and analyze them in retrospect. It also enables managers and the HR department to carry out in-depth analysis and ongoing monitoring.


Feedback App

For the involvement of all employees and a lively feedback culture


For the involvement of all employees and a lively feedback culture.

A medium-sized trading company holds an employee general meeting at which several hundred employees meet. During a presentation a question is put to the participants, who answer it by means of the feedback app. The results are integrated live into the further presentation and taken up directly in the following discussion.

A personnel director is in a board meeting, in which a question is discussed controversially. Before lunch, he sends the question via Feedback App to some of the employees, who answer it without delay using the Feedback App. After the lunch break, he continues the discussion with the results of his survey.

In addition to the annual employee survey, monthly mini pulse surveys are sent to all employees of an international company via the Feedback App. By means of this engagement index, the mood in the company is regularly recorded and prompt reactions to negative trends can follow.


Employees of all ages are now used to social networks and private fitness apps that allow them to access real-time results on a wide range of devices, regardless of where they are.

As a result, employee expectations have also changed when it comes to feedback tools in their companies: feedback must be completely rethought in the digital age. A feedback app starts at exactly this point.

Employees are no longer tied to their workplace when it comes to feedback. Feedback thus becomes even more low-threshold and agile – it can be given at any time without computer access from any location. This means that a feedback app can be used in any industry, including retail, construction and healthcare, where only a few employees have their own PC access. In this way, all employees have the opportunity to participate and can equally contribute to an active feedback culture.


Our Feedback App includes various feedback formats, but especially Instant Feedback lives from the use of the Feedback App: Feedback can be requested as well as given and awards can be presented and viewed – anytime and from anywhere. The feedback dashboard shows an overview of all activities. The Feedback App can also be used to answer pulse and employee surveys and various other feedback formats and to view individual reports.

Our feedback app at a glance:

  • Request and assign instant feedback at any time
  • Award and view badges among colleagues
  • Answer feedback formats such as pulse surveys
  • View results of completed feedback processes

We are aware that the mere introduction of a feedback app will not solve all problems. However, embedded in a larger change process, it can be an important adjusting screw. Would you like to learn more?


peer feedback

Peer Feedback

For self-directed personnel development


For self-directed personnel development.

Peer Feedback

An employee uses peer feedback to obtain feedback from team members and other colleagues. The results report shows him how his colleagues rate him. This perspective offers a valuable supplement to the appraisal interview, in which he is assessed only by his manager.

Based on the assessments of his colleagues in the context of peer feedback, an employee and his manager derive new development goals and recommendations for action in the performance review.


With peer feedback, the employee asks his colleagues for an assessment. This enables them to receive feedback at eye level. Peer feedback allows the development of employees and managers to be supported by a more meaningful data basis. Such collegial feedback can also be used as a supplement to the appraisal interview to identify further development potential.

From occasional peer feedback to more comprehensive questionnaires, various variants are possible in order to guarantee the individual development of the employees and to achieve the overriding objective.

Our Approach:

The special feature of this tool is the self-control by the employees. For successful personal development, the employee must be open to change. With this tool, the employee decides for himself when and on which topics he would like to receive feedback.

Peer feedback is also characterized by the fact that the feedback recipient is on the same level as the feedback providers: He asks his peers and receives meaningful feedback.

Peer Feedback


Smart tools rounded off by intelligent features


Your questionnaire at individual intervals


Your questionnaire at individual intervals

The pulse mode enables you to better integrate time-consuming surveys into your daily workflow. This allows you to select the pulse mode when performing any of our feedback tools. The participants do not have to carry out the whole survey at once, but have to answer a few questions continuously, daily or weekly.

The pulse mode not only helps you to better integrate surveys into the workflow, but also offers the possibility to create real-time statistics, so that you always have an overview of the status of the survey. Results are automatically generated in real time as soon as the necessary number of people is reached to guarantee anonymity.



Control and design follow-up processes


Control and design follow-up processes

An analysis is only as good as the measures derived from it. For us, feedback is an ongoing process that does not end with the preparation and one-off discussion of a results report. Accordingly, it is very important to us that we support you in designing and managing the follow-up processes.

Our clear reports make it easier for you to derive individual and promising measures. The definition and monitoring of development tasks as well as the administration of follow-up processes can be conveniently controlled and designed using our task manager.

You can also directly integrate trainers and consultants to support your teams or managers in the development process. In our experience, the combination of personal coordination and digital monitoring is the most promising approach in the long term.



Helpful analyzis at a glance


Helpful analyses at a glance

Professional feedback with sustainable follow-up processes is a powerful starting point for sustainable change and long-term top performance.
Our interactive dashboard provides you with a deep analysis and ongoing monitoring of all results – from employee surveys and 360° feedback to instant feedback. The dashboard allows you to access your results reports in PDF format as well as clear and useful statistics and analyses. For surveys in pulse mode and instant feedback, you can also access real-time statistics.

With the Dashboard, you’ll never lose sight of the big picture and can identify individual adjustment screws at any time as well as develop quick and target-oriented solutions.

Dashboard Overview



Feedback tools for all company levels

Our toolbox offers a wide range of simple solutions. We provide you with the right feedback tool – no matter whether you need a tool for the survey and development of individual executives, employees or teams or want efficient feedback for your entire organization.







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