360° Feedback


For diverse perspectives and individual development.

360° Feedback

The corporate culture in a medium-sized company has to develop further due to the advancing internationalization. To develop their personal work or leadership behavior all employees and all managers receive 360 degree feedback with coaching sessions.

Young managers in the trainee program of a large corporation should receive individual support. They receive 360° feedback every six months. This feedback is completed by work colleagues, participants in the trainee program and the manager of the feedback recipient.

In a large company, managers should be supported as individually as possible. To this end, various management feedback and 360° feedback are introduced, such as for senior managers or for trainee trainers.

What is 360° Feedback?

At the management and employee level, feedback instruments are particularly useful for personnel development. 360° feedback and management feedback each focus on one feedback recipient. In 360° feedback, the recipient can be either an employee or a manager.

With 360° feedback, multi-perspective assessment is particularly valuable. Typical feedback sources are the superior of the feedback recipient, colleagues, employees – depending on the activity also customers and suppliers.

The most helpful and lasting effect of 360° feedback is also the comparison of one’s own self-perception with different external perceptions.

Through the comparison with different feedback providers, differentiated implications for actions and perspectives of further development for managers or employees can be pointed out with 360° feedback.

Our approach:

The further development of employees and managers can only succeed if they are open to change. At the same time, feedback must be given when it is appropriate for the people involved.

With our tools for 360° feedback and management feedback, you get a flexible solution. HR managers or even employees and managers can start and manage feedback independently. After the survey, all participants are accompanied by our tools with interactive reports and clear follow-up processes.
Thanks to attractive licensing models, you can calculate fixed prices regardless of the number of feedbacks carried out.