Feedback App


For the involvement of all employees and a lively feedback culture.

A medium-sized trading company holds an employee general meeting at which several hundred employees meet. During a presentation a question is put to the participants, who answer it by means of the feedback app. The results are integrated live into the further presentation and taken up directly in the following discussion.

A personnel director is in a board meeting, in which a question is discussed controversially. Before lunch, he sends the question via Feedback App to some of the employees, who answer it without delay using the Feedback App. After the lunch break, he continues the discussion with the results of his survey.

In addition to the annual employee survey, monthly mini pulse surveys are sent to all employees of an international company via the Feedback App. By means of this engagement index, the mood in the company is regularly recorded and prompt reactions to negative trends can follow.


Employees of all ages are now used to social networks and private fitness apps that allow them to access real-time results on a wide range of devices, regardless of where they are.

As a result, employee expectations have also changed when it comes to feedback tools in their companies: feedback must be completely rethought in the digital age. A feedback app starts at exactly this point.

Employees are no longer tied to their workplace when it comes to feedback. Feedback thus becomes even more low-threshold and agile – it can be given at any time without computer access from any location. This means that a feedback app can be used in any industry, including retail, construction and healthcare, where only a few employees have their own PC access. In this way, all employees have the opportunity to participate and can equally contribute to an active feedback culture.


Our Feedback App includes various feedback formats, but especially Instant Feedback lives from the use of the Feedback App: Feedback can be requested as well as given and awards can be presented and viewed – anytime and from anywhere. The feedback dashboard shows an overview of all activities. The Feedback App can also be used to answer pulse and employee surveys and various other feedback formats and to view individual reports.

Our feedback app at a glance:

  • Request and assign instant feedback at any time
  • Award and view badges among colleagues
  • Answer feedback formats such as pulse surveys
  • View results of completed feedback processes

We are aware that the mere introduction of a feedback app will not solve all problems. However, embedded in a larger change process, it can be an important adjusting screw. Would you like to learn more?