Feedback for Managers


For motivated employees through excellent leadership.

Feedback für Führungskräfte

Due to the early retirement of the founder of a large consulting firm, a new CEO is now being sought. A systematic feedback process is used to record and compare the leadership competencies of all managers applying. In a further selection step with a Development Center, the most suitable successor for the company management can be determined.

In a company with 10,000 employees, managers are to be individually promoted. Accordingly, feedback for different application scenarios is developed and used: Feedback for junior executives, feedback for longstanding executives, feedback for senior executives.

A young company with flat hierarchies is in a strong growth phase. As a result, disagreements and conflicts in the individual teams can be noticed. Semi-annual feedback for managers with moderated feedback workshops promotes intensive exchange between managers and employees.


Feedback for managers focuses on the assessment of a manager in order to support their further development with regard to their leadership competencies. Feedback for managers can also be used for potential analyzis.

Feedback for managers is limited to two assessment groups: The self-assessment of the manager and the external assessment by the assigned employees. This differs from 360° feedback, which can also take into account numerous other feedback providers, such as customers or colleagues.

In recent years, structured feedback for managers has established itself as an essential instrument of management development. The application scenarios are diverse: long-standing executives who
are not sure of their leadership ability, especially with new employees of generations Y and Z, or innovative companies that work with new forms such as shared leadership.

Only a structured feedback process can provide detailed information on how a manager behaves in his or her role and what opportunities for improvement exist.

Our Approach:

Often, concerns about negative consequences as a result of poor judgment block constructive feedback. Anonymity can counteract this problem. Combined with our instant feedback technology, concrete questions and target-oriented communication are still possible.

You can easily individualize the feedback for your managers and adapt it to any leadership situation. This opens up completely new avenues for targeted and systematic executive development – regardless of whether you are a senior manager or a junior manager. You will also be supported in all follow-up processes by our tools and we will also provide advice if required.