Risk assessment of psychological stress


For a healthy working environment and motivated employees.

A young start-up with a handful of employees is founded. According to §5 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all employers, regardless of the number of their employees, are obliged to carry out a risk assessment. Therefore it makes sense to set up a standardized, digital and clear survey instrument right from the start.

A medium-sized mechanical engineering company is struggling with constantly increasing absenteeism among its employees. A scientifically based risk assessment is the best way to quickly identify possible causes.

A protracted change process demands a lot from a company. The working hours of the employees extend and the fear for their job increases. A risk assessment of psychological stress provides direct information on how these factors also affect the psychological well-being of your employees.


A risk assessment is a preventive determination of aspects of work that could endanger the safety and health of employees. Embedded in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, there is also a legal basis that requires the employer to carry out such an analysis.

Together with successful health management, such a survey offers the opportunity to significantly improve health in companies. Long-term improvements can be implemented by identifying critical factors relating to the everyday working life of employees.

Thus not only employees but also entrepreneurs benefit from a risk assessment. By reducing the number of sick days and occupational accidents combined with the participation component of a survey, satisfaction and productivity in the company can increase significantly.

Our Approach:

On the basis of scientifically sound questionnaires successfully used in practice, we create meaningful risk assessments. The contact to renowned professors gives us a further advantage, especially with regard to the assessment of psychological stress at the workplace.

The clear evaluation with concrete and individual suggestions for action as well as graphic representations allow the user to analyze the progressive graphs and to react accordingly.

The risk analyzis thus offers an efficient tool to discover optimization potentials in your company and to improve the health of your employees. We are happy to support you with the survey and the corresponding follow-up processes.