Instant Feedback


For playful feedback and real-time results.

Instant Feedback

A company has grown very rapidly in recent years, so internal structures have not been able to keep pace with growth. For the active creation of a feedback culture, Instant Feedback offers employees a platform that technically implements the qualitative feedback they have been accustomed to up to now.

In a large corporation, numerous feedback instruments such as 360° feedback, team diagnoses and employee surveys have been used for 15 years. Nevertheless, the feedback culture has not changed fundamentally, so that Instant Feedback is a playful, but at the same time serious and constructive approach for all employees.

With Instant Feedback, a company provides a platform for exchange and development for all apprentices and trainees who start at different locations worldwide. Instant feedback is used systematically in training courses or workshops and at conferences to actively live authentic feedback right from the start.


Representatives of the Millenials generation and Generation Z, as well as experienced employees and executives, expect real-time communication today. If this need is transferred to the feedback culture, then feedback must be completely rethought.

In addition, feedback can and has to be fun, even when challenging content is involved. That’s why we integrate a wide range of elements from gamification and social networks into our instant feedback. Gamification means that playful incentives for regular and intensive use are integrated into instant feedback.

You can thus offer your employees a platform on which they can independently exchange feedback within a protected framework. By proactively requesting and submitting feedback, a real feedback culture is lived which, in contrast to traditional instruments, can also be felt well beyond the official survey and feedback period.

Our Approach:

Instant Feedback lives from the active participation of the employees, so that they can interact with each other via the browser or via our apps for iOS and Android.

In addition to open qualitative feedback, closed-ended questions can also be integrated in the style of a small pulse survey. For example, company management can offer participation opportunities to several thousand employees within a few minutes. In addition, analyzis and statistics are available to the company management and HR department in order to identify multipliers within the organization.

Depending on the agreement with the works council and data protection officer, feedback can be exchanged either anonymously or openly.