Employee survey


For in-depth analysis and strategic change.


A large corporation changes its strategy for all international locations. For this reason, an employee survey should be conducted to determine the strategic orientation on all five continents. Regional and global follow-up processes will then be jointly derived and implemented.

Recruiting and retaining employees is becoming increasingly difficult in an established medium-sized company. An employee survey is to be used to examine satisfaction and mood in order to identify the key factors for the future development of the organization.

The topic of health and work-life balance is becoming more and more important for a government organization. An employee survey should analyze the current situation and at the same time sensitize employees and managers to the topic. The follow-up processes should sustainably increase the performance of all employees.


For companies, an employee survey offers a valuable starting point for an intensive analyzis of the attitudes and opinions of employees and managers.

Employee surveys can be used with different objectives, in the form of opinion surveys, benchmarking surveys or climate surveys.

The results of an employee survey lead to the identification of central adjustment screws and thus enable the strategic further development of the entire organization.

In order to guarantee the success of the employee survey, anonymity and data protection as well as transparency and voluntariness must be communicated and fulfilled in all places. The intensive involvement of the works council or personnel council and data protection officer is therefore of great importance in employee surveys.

Our Approach:

Well-founded questionnaires are a central starting point for the acceptance of an employee survey. We therefore work closely with scientific experts and professors, such as from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

Our tools support you from the survey through the result reports to the follow-up processes, so that the entire process can be handled on a uniform platform. Highest data protection standards (e.g. server location in Germany) and complete anonymity (e.g. evaluation only from a predefined number of persons) are guaranteed.

An employee survey requires intensive support from experienced experts. So that your employee survey becomes a long-term success, we offer you accompanying consultation and support with follow-up processes.