Performance Management


For motivating goals and more performance.

Performance Management

In a medium-sized company with various locations, employees are to be promoted and motivated more strongly in the future. The introduction of semi-annual meetings consequently strengthens the feedback culture and the further development of employees.

Personal staff appraisals have been established in a company for years. Now the process is to be accompanied with the help of software in order to obtain daily updated key figures for personnel planning and control.

A company with 250 employees and international locations needs more flexibility in the preparation and follow-up of feedback meetings. During the interviews, development areas of the employees consequently automatically forwarded to the personnel department in order to initiate appropriate development measures.


Performance Management is first and foremost about agreeing motivating goals with your employees and managers. Scientific findings clearly show that you achieve more performance and more motivation among your employees by leading with goals.

Employee reviews and target agreements can provide a structured and transparent framework for managing with goals. By using cloud-based tools, the preparation and follow-up of employee appraisals can be carried out flexibly.

In addition, more regular feedback meetings play an increasingly important role, for example every 3 or 6 months. This allows early review and ongoing updating of existing goals and development areas, which is difficult in a one-off annual meeting.

Team goals are also becoming more and more important so that systems for the targeted control of these goals getting more important.

Our Approach:

We are convinced that target agreements and employee appraisals can only take place in a participatory manner. For this reason, our tools support the joint preparation of meetings by employees and managers. It is also possible for colleagues to additionally assess the achievement of objectives versus goals or the competencies of the respective employee.

Employees and managers can prepare themselves for the interview with a digital or printed report containing the summarized assessments. The focus is on the interview, as the documentation can also be done subsequently using our software.

By using a personal dashboard, each employee can continuously review his or her individual goals and performance and analyze them in retrospect. It also enables managers and the HR department to carry out in-depth analysis and ongoing monitoring.