Pulse survey

Pulse survey

For fast mood pictures with a participative culture.


A medium-sized company wants to actively live democracy and change its corporate culture. The aim is to inspire young employees and actively involve them in decision-making. This is achieved by the company management and the top management with regular pulse surveys.

Every year, 100 people from all over the world are accepted into a long-term development program for high potentials. With the help of pulse surveys, both the program management and the participants can communicate with each other and make quick participative decisions.

A large corporation has been conducting regular employee surveys for a long time. However, this leads to frustration among employees, as they are insufficiently involved in follow-up processes. With pulse surveys, follow-up processes are designed in a participative and dynamic way in order to increase the motivation and commitment of employees in the long term.


The expectations of employees have changed fundamentally: It is no longer sufficient to conduct a large employee survey every 1-2 years. Employees expect continuous participation and integration in relevant decision-making processes. With a pulse survey, mood pictures of employees can be obtained within a very short time. It is also possible to ask questions about different topics in stages over several weeks or months.

Pulse surveys thus represent a powerful tool for companies with which employees can be involved in decisions in real time. It does not matter whether 50 or 50,000 employees are surveyed.

Anonymity and data protection as well as transparency and voluntariness play an important role in the pulse survey just as they do in employee surveys. For this reason, the same high data protection and security standards apply and the anonymity of all respondents is completely guaranteed at all times.

Our Approach:

Pulse surveys are a fast and flexible option for us compared to more complex employee surveys. In addition, pulse surveys can also be used in many places as a supplement and follow-up of subsequent processes in employee surveys.

Pulse surveys allow you to ask questions independently and send them to all employees or to selected groups of employees. Anonymity and data protection are completely guaranteed throughout the entire process. You can define whether only senior managers, HR managers or employees can use pulse surveys.

In the context of “feedback weeks”, for example, identical or changing compact topics can be continuously queried over several weeks or months. This makes it possible to analyze mood pictures over time.