Peer Feedback


For self-directed personnel development.

Peer Feedback

An employee uses peer feedback to obtain feedback from team members and other colleagues. The results report shows him how his colleagues rate him. This perspective offers a valuable supplement to the appraisal interview, in which he is assessed only by his manager.

Based on the assessments of his colleagues in the context of peer feedback, an employee and his manager derive new development goals and recommendations for action in the performance review.


With peer feedback, the employee asks his colleagues for an assessment. This enables them to receive feedback at eye level. Peer feedback allows the development of employees and managers to be supported by a more meaningful data basis. Such collegial feedback can also be used as a supplement to the appraisal interview to identify further development potential.

From occasional peer feedback to more comprehensive questionnaires, various variants are possible in order to guarantee the individual development of the employees and to achieve the overriding objective.

Our Approach:

The special feature of this tool is the self-control by the employees. For successful personal development, the employee must be open to change. With this tool, the employee decides for himself when and on which topics he would like to receive feedback.

Peer feedback is also characterized by the fact that the feedback recipient is on the same level as the feedback providers: He asks his peers and receives meaningful feedback.

Peer Feedback