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As a young company specializing in digital feedback tools, we offer our customers a feedback software designed to maximize collaboration, satisfaction, and performance of their employees. Through digital feedback and people analytics, we aim to empower HR managers to make data-driven decisions and thus remain competitive in times of skilled labor shortages.

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Our Vision

We enable every people-centric company to enter a new world of trusted data-based decision-making.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to going beyond traditional feedback and using innovative methods, helping businesses gain valuable insights through people analytics—allowing companies to take action and focus on what truly matters: creating a thriving environment for their employees and a prospering business.

Our Purpose

Empowering workplaces through feedback, where every voice is heard and valued.

Our Values

As a company, it is important to us to share and live by certain values. These help us to stay on the same course in the turbulent day-to-day work environment.

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Shape Your Role

Create and innovate your workplace: bring your own ideas to life and take ownership.
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Work as One Team

Join forces, lift each other up and celebrate success together.
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Live Feedback Every Day

We lead by example and embrace an open and holistic feedback culture.
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Keep the Balance

Have fun everyday - why limit casual to Friday? Focus when needed, recharge when needed - we take care of each other.

Our Managing Directors

Day after day, our constantly growing team works together to achieve this vision. We are as individual as our customers. We are IT specialists, psychologists, business economists, educators and much more. For the development and design of sustainable feedback landscapes, we combine the expertise of a wide range of disciplines so that we can offer you the best solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Philipp Lehmayr

Philipp is the founder and the brain behind the fully independently developed software upon which our feedback toolbox is built. He graduated with honors with a Master of Science in Computer Science and brings over 15 years of experience in developing complex software and intuitive web applications. As the managing director, he oversees technical project management for demanding client projects. Additionally, he serves as an expert and point of contact for our customers regarding IT security and data protection matters.

“Content expertise and technical competence characterize our interdisciplinary team, as only through this can we truly embody agility and innovation. Along this journey, we support each of our customers in their transformation process.”


Dr. Michael Wendt

Since 2021, Michael has been complementing the successful team at HRinstruments as managing director. With a PhD in Economics and Business Administration, he brings ten years of experience in IT services, most recently serving as CEO of CODE_n, a globally operating innovation hub for digital solutions. Michael has always been focused on the dynamic startup scene. With a strong vision for the future of the workplace, he takes on the strategic development of HRinstruments and is also involved as a platform spokesperson for HR startups at the Startup Association.

Advisory Board of HRinstruments

Our questionnaires are based on a solid scientific foundation. We consult with professors to continuously improve our tool.

Prof. Dr. Simon Werther

Simon is the founder and scientific advisor of HRinstruments. As a qualified psychologist, he was appointed as a professor for innovation management at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart in 2016 and has been a professor for leadership at Hochschule München since 2020. In 2017, he was honored by the Personalmagazin as one of the 40 leading HR figures in Germany. He is a sought-after speaker and moderator at conferences and symposiums, as well as the author of numerous specialized books and articles. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of the jury for the HR Innovation Award and as the initiator of the HR Innovation Roadshow, aiming to reshape the world of work.

“For us, the world of work 4.0 and People Analytics are not just empty catchphrases; rather, through our feedback toolbox, we are already bringing them to life for our customers today. Participation and appreciation are central elements in this endeavor.”

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Gruppe von Mitarbeitenden sitzen bei HRinstruments lachend in einem Kreis bei einer Besprechung

Our Team

In addition to our founders, there is, of course, a whole team of enthusiastic feedback experts, IT specialists, data analysts, and many others. What unites us all is our love for feedback. At HRinstruments, we aim to shape the workplace of tomorrow every day and empower companies to give every employee a voice.



At HRinstruments, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to protect the environment. With the worsening climate crisis, we recognize our duty as a company to contribute by using the resources of our wonderful planet as sustainably as possible and avoiding further exploitation.

Through the following measures, we actively contribute every day to preserving our Earth’s beauty and ensuring the longevity of our natural resources:

With the help of all these measures, we at HRinstruments strive to make an active contribution to the sustainability of our planet and reduce our ecological footprint. In this spirit, we continuously review and expand all measures, and we raise awareness and communicate them to our entire team.


At HRinstruments, we are committed to working based on scientific principles and aligning our product with the latest research. Therefore, we regularly publish books and articles in professional journals such as Personalmagazin, Human Resources Manager, and the Journal for Organizational Development.

Ansprechpartner Dr. Michael Wendt

Dr. Michael Wendt

CEO of HRinstruments

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