Agile Feedback Tools for Current Challenges

In an increasingly dynamic work environment, it’s crucial to gain insights into the workforce in diverse ways. Our feedback tools are designed not only to facilitate various types of surveys, from company-wide employee surveys to personalized 360-degree feedback, instant feedback, or performance management but also to enable comprehensive people analytics.


Company-wide Feedback tools

Discover what drives your workforce and gauge employee satisfaction. Employee surveys and pulse surveys are the key feedback tools for businesses to assess the satisfaction, motivation, and engagement of the entire workforce.

Employee Focused Feedback Tools

Gain a comprehensive overview of employee performance, team dynamics, and leadership effectiveness. Employee-related feedback formats such as 360-degree feedback, team feedback, leadership feedback, or peer feedback provide a balanced and effective foundation for continuous improvement, employee development, and building a healthy organizational culture.

Performance Management

Annual employee reviews are a central component of performance management. They serve as the basis for performance evaluations, career development, and aligning individual goals with organizational objectives.

People Analytics

With digital feedback tools and people analytics, gain insights into turnover rates, engagement rates, employee satisfaction, productivity, and much more.

This is how We Will Elevate Your Feedback Strategy


Smart Feedback Tools

From low-threshold formats like instant feedback to classic formats like employee surveys, with HRinstruments, you can build a sustainable feedback culture and continually evolve and optimize it through powerful analytics.

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Blue Collar Survey on a Smartphone

Intelligent Features

Innovative features like the Pulse mode, which allows you to conduct surveys at individual intervals, an interactive dashboard that provides helpful analyses at a glance, and a task manager to control and accompany follow-up processes, make the application of our feedback software easy, agile, and efficient.

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Years of experience

From coaching processes as follow-up measures to accompanying international change processes: we support you with our years of practical experience and profound expertise in meeting individual requirements.

Dashboard of HRinstruments Feedback Software about a Employee Survey
Professor Dr. Simon Werther, Dr. Michael Wendt und Philipp Lehmayr. Die Gründer bzw. Geschäftsführer von HRinstruments.
Laptop with the dashboard of HRinstruments Feedback Software about a Employee interview

Continuous Improvement

Building on our existing feedback tools, we develop individualized and tailored feedback solutions for your specific context. Our commitment lies in the continuous improvement of our feedback tools and their application across various industries and work contexts.

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Our advantages

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100% GDPR Compliant

Ensuring complete anonymity is the cornerstone of fostering a robust feedback culture. Your data’s protection is paramount to us, which is why we prioritize adherence to the BDSG and EU GDPR regulations, ensuring stringent data protection and IT security measures. Rest assured, our services are exclusively hosted in Germany, without the involvement of third-party service providers. 

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Tailored Customization

Empower your organization’s identity with our highly customizable employee survey tool. From dashboard layout to report aesthetics, tailor every aspect to align seamlessly with your corporate identity, reinforcing trust and confidence among your employees. 

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Dedicated Personal Support

Experience unparalleled support with our team of dedicated experts, committed to delivering prompt responses in accordance with service level agreements. From onboarding to survey evaluation, we’re by your side every step of the way, assisting you in crafting impactful questions and initiating data-driven follow-up actions. 

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Scientifically Rigorous Questionnaires

Rely on meticulously crafted questionnaires. Our questionnaires are based on scientific grounding, developed by both Prof. Dr. Simon Werther and our expert team with extensive practical experience. Naturally, we combine this with practical relevance and insights gathered from our numerous clients.

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Seamless Integration


Streamline your workflows and enhance efficiency with seamless integration capabilities through our HRinstruments API. Connect our employee survey tool effortlessly with popular HR management systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, simplifying your daily operations and saving valuable time. 

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Automated Insightful Reports


Receive clear and actionable insights through automated reports delivered post-survey. Leveraging comprehensive data, unlock the power of people analytics to inform and shape a data-driven HR strategy, driving organizational success. 


Dr. Michael Wendt

CEO of HRinstruments

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