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Company-wide Feedback Tools

Employee feedback is a crucial component for companies who aim for longterm success. By providing employees with the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns, employee engagement is strengthened. This, in turn, promotes a positive employee experience, as employees feel heard and valued. 

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Voices that Matter

How Employee Feedback Contributes to Long-Term Success

When employees feel heard and involved in decisions, it increases loyalty and thus strengthens employee retention. At the same time, feedback also enables performance improvement, leading to cost savings through more efficient processes and greater competitiveness. Overall, employee feedback significantly contributes to the long-term success and sustainable development of companies. 


Giving all employees a voice


Boosting employee engagement


Strengthening employee retention


Enhancing the employee experience


Reducing costs

Overview of our Company-wide Feedback Tools

Employee surveys and pulse surveys are the classic feedback tools used to gather feedback from the workforce across the organization. 

Company-wide Feedback Tools

Employee Survey Tool

Undertaking an employee survey can be a daunting task. However, conducting an organization-wide employee survey doesn’t have to be challenging. With our digital tool for employee surveys, you can include all employees, both blue and white-collar workers. Give the entire workforce a voice and foster a culture of trust and participation in feedback. 

Company-wide Feedback Tools​

Puls Survey

Stay up to date with the and, of course, with your employees. Gather data on the topics that are currently important to you to derive the follow-up processes that truly make a difference. Questions about communication culture, benefits, or change management? Today’s questions, tomorrow’s answers. The possibilities are endless. 

Our Feedback Tool


The dashboard is your central point of contact. You have a clear overview of all ongoing processes and feedback, with quick access to templates. Additionally, you gain initial insights into the reports of completed surveys. Our dashboards are tailored to your specific needs and can be easily customized. 

Scientific Expertise

Asking the right questions is crucial for obtaining meaningful results. That’s why our questionnaires are based on well-founded scientific insights developed by Prof. Dr. Simon Werther and our expert team with extensive practical experience. We prioritize ensuring content validity, construct validity, and criterion validity in questionnaire development. Furthermore, we provide access to a comprehensive pool of topics and questions, along with ready-to-use templates. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Automated and tailored reports enable in-depth analyses, serving as the foundation for people analytics. Amidst the data deluge, each report includes helpful graphics for visualization and meaningful interpretation aids. 


You can personalize both the tool interface and reports to align with your corporate identity. Questionnaire and report contents can also be highly tailored to your preferences. 


Planning surveys across different locations? Standard languages like English are already integrated into the tool. However, surveys are better received when they can be completed in the respondents’ native language.


Frequently Asked Questions about Company-wide Feedback Tools

Employee surveys are among the classic feedback tools that most companies are familiar with and typically conduct once a year. With an employee survey, you can inquire about and map the entire range of factors influencing job satisfaction, employee engagement, commitment, as well as productivity and innovation enhancement. 

Pulse surveys, on the other hand, are essentially mini-employee surveys. They are characterized by their more agile nature and can be conducted effortlessly every few months on specific topics such as remote work, mobility surveys (for ESG), communication culture, company catering, employee benefits, and more. 

Feedback tools for companies can improve employee performance and engagement by providing valuable insights into the needs, opinions, and challenges of their workforce. By giving employees the opportunity to provide feedback, they feel heard and appreciated, which increases their engagement and motivation. Moreover, based on the feedback from employee surveys, targeted measures can be taken to improve working conditions, communication, leadership, and corporate culture. By addressing the concerns and ideas of their employees, companies can increase job satisfaction, strengthen employee retention, and ultimately improve overall company performance. 

Since employee surveys are the most comprehensive feedback tool, many questionnaires consist of 50-80 individual questions. However, the trend is now moving towards shorter and more concise formats. Even with 20-50 questions, a well-founded questionnaire can be implemented that meets the relevant quality criteria of reliability and validity. 

Pulse surveys are typically conducted 3-4 times a year, resulting in a range of 5-15 questions. This scope provides sufficient starting points for meaningful results and effective follow-up processes, while also allowing for a strong focus on specific topics. 

We recommend conducting an employee survey for the entire workforce once a year and complementing this with quarterly pulse surveys. This is a timing that has proven effective for our clients. 

The steps vary for each company, of course. However, what we always emphasize is that the results of the surveys must be acted upon. Draw conclusions from the results and implement them. 

Only if actions follow the survey, will your employees gain trust in the entire feedback culture. 

When conducting employee surveys or pulse surveys with HRinstruments, we guarantee the highest data protection standards in accordance with GDPR. Our internal processes are documented and continuously checked for security. Moreover, relevant aspects can of course be bindingly documented in a works agreement. 


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