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Employee Focused Feedback Tools

In today’s world, feedback is more crucial than ever. With the scarcity of skilled workers and intensifying competition, it’s vital for companies to foster a culture of continuous development and satisfaction. Through targeted feedback tools, companies can not only support the individual growth of each employee but also strengthen their satisfaction and retention. 


Focused on Personal Development

Innovative Feedback Formats for Continuous Growth

Explore our feedback formats with a clear emphasis on the development of each individual employee. Gain comprehensive insights through 360-degree evaluations, instant feedback for immediate insights, and specialized formats for leaders, teams, and peers. Our tools foster self-reflection and enable continuous growthfor dynamic and successful employee development. 


Development Focus


Holistic Insights




Continuous Growth

Overview of our Employee Focused Feedback Tools

Team feedback, peer feedback, feedback from supervisors, and instant feedback are tools that focus on the development of individuals. Personal development, improving communication, and collaboration are the main objectives here.

Employee Focused Feedback

Team Feedback

Discover our innovative team feedback tool – the solution for effective team communication and continuous improvement! With our tool, teams can effortlessly exchange feedback, share ideas, and grow together. Agile teams especially benefit from regular team feedback sessions, enabling continuous feedback, for instance, during scrum sprints. Enhance collaboration, boost productivity, and foster employee engagement. 

Employee Focused Feedback​

Peer Feedback

Our peer feedback tool enables employees to provide each other with constructive feedback, acknowledge accomplishments, and grow together. Peer feedback is particularly effective as it comes from colleagues on the same level. The feedback comes from peers who understand your work style, performance, and everyday challenges precisely, significantly enhancing the acceptance and relevance of the feedback. Enhance collaboration, foster individual development, and strengthen team cohesion.


Employee Focused Feedback​

Self-Assessment vs. External Perception. The 360-degree feedback tool is the ultimate solution for personal development. It enables a comprehensive, actionable, and human-centered approach to performance assessment and development. Perfect for HR managers and team leaders seeking an instrument that allows for individual feedback and establishes the foundation for sustainable changes. 

Employee Focused Feedback​

Feedback for Managers

The importance of leadership development is greater than ever in today’s world. Faced with current challenges and modern work cultures, leaders encounter diverse demands. Our feedback tool for managers offers effortless customization, adaptable to any situation. This opens up new opportunities for targeted and systematic development of your leaders, enhancing not only acceptance but also accurately reflecting individual leadership situations. 

Employee Focused Feedback​

Instant Feedback

Are you ready for instant feedback – the tool for easy and timely exchange of feedback! It’s about giving and receiving constructive input quickly and effortlessly, exactly when you need it most. Whether through proactive requests, brief and concise comments, or individual badges after meetings. Feedback has never been easier. 

Our Feedback Tool


The dashboard is your central point of contact. You have a clear overview of all ongoing processes and feedback, with quick access to templates. Additionally, you gain initial insights into the reports of completed surveys. Our dashboards are tailored to your specific needs and can be easily customized. 

Scientific Expertise

Asking the right questions is crucial for obtaining meaningful results. That’s why our questionnaires are based on well-founded scientific insights developed by Prof. Dr. Simon Werther and our expert team with extensive practical experience. We prioritize ensuring content validity, construct validity, and criterion validity in questionnaire development. Furthermore, we provide access to a comprehensive pool of topics and questions, along with ready-to-use templates. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Automated and tailored reports enable in-depth analyses, serving as the foundation for people analytics. Amidst the data deluge, each report includes helpful graphics for visualization and meaningful interpretation aids. 


You can personalize both the tool interface and reports to align with your corporate identity. Questionnaire and report contents can also be highly tailored to your preferences. 


Planning surveys across different locations? Standard languages like English are already integrated into the tool. However, surveys are better received when they can be completed in the respondents’ native language.


Frequently Asked Questions about Employee Focused Feedback Tools

All employees are unique and can be individually nurtured. Without knowing what type of development appeals to them and where adjustments need to be made, it’s impossible to do justice to them. Feedback allows for addressing opinions and needs. 

For employee development, 360-degree feedback, peer feedback, and pulse surveys are particularly effective. Through 360-degree and peer feedback, employees can compare their self-perception with external perceptions. Pulse surveys can continuously assess employeesdevelopment needs. 

Feedback must be anonymous and voluntary to be completely honest. Well-structured questions and objective responses are also crucial. The follow-up processes after gathering feedback must be transparent and directly related to the feedback. 

Retention is significantly higher when employees feel seen and heard. The company should not only claim to want to develop but actually promote development through regular feedback and transparent follow-up processes. Especially in times of skill shortages, employees quickly seek new jobs if they don’t feel seen. 

Feedback must be anonymous and voluntary to be completely honest. Well-structured questions and objective responses are also crucial. Encourage your employees to give feedback objectively. 

In addition to 360-degree feedback, pulse surveys, and peer feedback, people analytics can also be used to leverage long-term data. 


Dr. Michael Wendt

CEO of HRinstruments

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