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Annual Employee Reviews

Annual employee reviews are a traditional, central tool for engaging in a dialogue about long-term career goals and aspirations. However, conventional, purely analog employee conversations often encounter issues such as time constraints, high documentation requirements, and a lack of structure. 

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Software for Annual Employee Reviews with HRinstruments

The demands for effective communication between managers and employees in performance management are high and require an innovative, digital solution. 

For individual and self-directed professional development

A software-supported employee review provides the answer to these challenges. With a software-supported employee review, analog employee conversations are given a digital framework that creates more efficiency and structure: Employees and managers can use digital questionnaires to ask targeted questions and receive valuable, structured feedback prior to the conversation. The use of software enables systematic and transparent documentation of the conversations, thereby supporting sustainable development of employees. 


Dashboard of HRinstruments Feedback Software about a Employee Survey

How to Effectively and Sustainably Conduct Your Employee Reviews

Software-supported employee reviews provide managers with a powerful tool to provide effective feedback and promote employee development. With HRinstruments, you can create customized discussion guides, ask targeted questions in advance, and centrally manage the results. Furthermore, the integration of goal setting and development tasks allows for efficient tracking of agreed-upon actions. From now on, the employee review becomes a valuable resource for continuous improvement and the success of the company. 

Annual Employee Reviews​​ with HRinstruments

Our software consists of three crucial components. HRinstruments enables comprehensive conversation management, seamlessly integrating the preparation, documentation, and approval of employee reviews. 


Step 1 - Preparation

Step 2 - Employee Review

Step 3 - Follow-up

Goal Achievement and Development Tasks

Our software supports the seamless integration of goals and development tasks into employee reviews within the context of performance management. It provides both HR and managers with the ability to automatically export goal achievement, including weightings, creating a solid foundation for payroll and bonus payments. Additionally, managers receive a comprehensive overview of their team and can access individual performance profiles. 

Our Feedback Tool


The dashboard is your central point of contact. You have a clear overview of all ongoing processes and feedback, with quick access to templates. Additionally, you gain initial insights into the reports of completed surveys. Our dashboards are tailored to your specific needs and can be easily customized. 

Scientific Expertise

Asking the right questions is crucial for obtaining meaningful results. That’s why our questionnaires are based on well-founded scientific insights developed by Prof. Dr. Simon Werther and our expert team with extensive practical experience. We prioritize ensuring content validity, construct validity, and criterion validity in questionnaire development. Furthermore, we provide access to a comprehensive pool of topics and questions, along with ready-to-use templates. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Automated and tailored reports enable in-depth analyses, serving as the foundation for people analytics. Amidst the data deluge, each report includes helpful graphics for visualization and meaningful interpretation aids. 


You can personalize both the tool interface and reports to align with your corporate identity. Questionnaire and report contents can also be highly tailored to your preferences. 


Planning surveys across different locations? Standard languages like English are already integrated into the tool. However, surveys are better received when they can be completed in the respondents’ native language.

Continuous Feedback and Tracking

Our software not only facilitates annual discussions but also creates space for continuous feedback throughout the entire year. It provides the ability to integrate 360° feedback, instant feedback, and private notes. This fosters informed discussions and lays the groundwork for activities such as salary negotiations and sustainable employee development. More importantly, our software enables comprehensive tracking. As a result, employee reviews become a sustainable and holistic process, effortlessly and efficiently replacing isolated annual discussions. 

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Our advantages

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100% GDPR Compliant

Ensuring complete anonymity is the cornerstone of fostering a robust feedback culture. Your data’s protection is paramount to us, which is why we prioritize adherence to the BDSG and EU GDPR regulations, ensuring stringent data protection and IT security measures. Rest assured, our services are exclusively hosted in Germany, without the involvement of third-party service providers. 

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Tailored Customization

Empower your organization’s identity with our highly customizable employee survey tool. From dashboard layout to report aesthetics, tailor every aspect to align seamlessly with your corporate identity, reinforcing trust and confidence among your employees. 

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Dedicated Personal Support

Experience unparalleled support with our team of dedicated experts, committed to delivering prompt responses in accordance with service level agreements. From onboarding to survey evaluation, we’re by your side every step of the way, assisting you in crafting impactful questions and initiating data-driven follow-up actions. 

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Scientifically Rigorous Questionnaires

Rely on meticulously crafted questionnaires. Our questionnaires are based on scientific grounding, developed by both Prof. Dr. Simon Werther and our expert team with extensive practical experience. Naturally, we combine this with practical relevance and insights gathered from our numerous clients.

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Seamless Integration


Streamline your workflows and enhance efficiency with seamless integration capabilities through our HRinstruments API. Connect our employee survey tool effortlessly with popular HR management systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, simplifying your daily operations and saving valuable time. 

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Automated Insightful Reports


Receive clear and actionable insights through automated reports delivered post-survey. Leveraging comprehensive data, unlock the power of people analytics to inform and shape a data-driven HR strategy, driving organizational success. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Annual Employee Reviews

A software-supported employee review combines the benefits of traditional employee reviews with modern, digital elements. The personal and analog conversation remains at the core, while being enriched with digital elements. These can include a preparation phase in the form of self and peer assessments through a brief questionnaire, as well as recording and tracking jointly discussed development tasks and goals. 

Employee development and achieving corporate goals, as well as increasing productivity and innovation potential, are the most common objectives for which software-supported employee reviews are used. Similarly, software-supported employee reviews can also be useful for cultural change and organizational development. 


The software-supported employee review covers preparation, the conversation itself, and follow-up. The questionnaire can range from a few open-ended to many closed-ended questions. Less is often more to foster the actual conversation. The conversation itself often lasts between 30 and 90 minutes. 

The frequency depends on the work context. They can be conducted monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the extent of the conversation and the pace of goal changes. 

There are highly centralized versions of employee reviews that are conducted once or multiple times a year during the same period for all employees. Increasingly, more flexible self-directed tools are being used, which can be initiated by the manager or the employee independently. Flexibility is the key here.


Dr. Michael Wendt

CEO of HRinstruments

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