All-in-one Feedback Software and People Analytics

Through seamless integration of digital feedback tools and powerful data analytics, we enable you to gain profound insights, make informed HR decisions, and create a positive employee experience. For sustainable employee engagement!


Elevate your Feedback Culture with us

Our Feedback Tools

We offer feedback tools for all levels within the organization. From company-wide employee surveys to low-threshold instant feedback or development-centered 360-degree feedback. Our platform can accommodate everything. Perfectly tailored to your culture.


Employee surveys and pulse surveys provide insights into the satisfaction and needs of your employees. Discover areas for action and strengthen a trusting company culture.

Dashboard der Feedback-Software von HRinstruments mit einer Übersicht zu einer Mitarbeiterbefragung
Company-wide-Feedback by Hrinstruments
Dashboard der Feedback-Software von HRinstruments mit einer Übersicht zu einer Mitarbeiterbefragung

Employee focused

Feedback tools such as 360-degree feedback, feedback for managers, team feedback, and peer feedback are tailored to the development and collaboration of your workforce. Harness the full potential of your employees.

Visualisierung von Mitarbeiterfeedback

Performance Management

Keep track of progress towards achieving corporate goals as well as employee performance. By using digital questionnaires for perfect conversation preparation, summarizing all feedback in one dashboard, and digitizing goal-setting and development plans, performance management becomes a competitive advantage.

Dashboard der Feedback-Software von HRinstruments mit einer Übersicht zu einer Mitarbeiterbefragung
Performance Management bei HRinstruments
Dashboard der Feedback-Software von HRinstruments mit einer Übersicht zu einer Mitarbeiterbefragung

People Analytics

We provide clarity in the data jungle. By linking various datasets and survey results, we help you make even better data-driven decisions in the HR field, such as reducing employee turnover.


Recipe for success


With our feedback tools, you continuously involve your employees in relevant decision-making processes.


With our feedback tools, you create a sense among your employees of being heard and taken seriously.


Our feedback tools are both temporally and content-wise flexible and can be used as needed. Thus, they adapt to any application scenarios.


We empower HR departments to make data-driven decisions, so you can sit at the decision-maker’s table.

Our advantages

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100% GDPR Compliant

Ensuring complete anonymity is the cornerstone of fostering a robust feedback culture. Your data protection is paramount to us, which is why we prioritize adherence to the BDSG and EU GDPR regulations, ensuring stringent data protection and IT security measures. Rest assured, our services are exclusively hosted in Germany, without the involvement of third-party service providers. 

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Tailored Customization

Empower your organization’s identity with our highly customizable employee survey tool. From dashboard layout to report aesthetics, tailor every aspect to align seamlessly with your corporate identity, reinforcing trust and confidence among your employees. 

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Dedicated Personal Support

Experience unparalleled support with our team of dedicated experts, committed to delivering prompt responses in accordance with service level agreements. From onboarding to survey evaluation, we’re by your side every step of the way, assisting you in crafting impactful questions and initiating data-driven follow-up actions. 

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Scientifically Rigorous Questionnaires

Rely on meticulously crafted questionnaires. Our questionnaires are based on scientific grounding, developed by both Prof. Dr. Simon Werther and our expert team with extensive practical experience. Naturally, we combine this with practical relevance and insights gathered from our numerous clients.

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Seamless Integration


Streamline your workflows and enhance efficiency with seamless integration capabilities through our HRinstruments API. Connect our employee survey tool effortlessly with popular HR management systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, simplifying your daily operations and saving valuable time. 

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Automated Insightful Reports


Receive clear and actionable insights through automated reports delivered post-survey. Leveraging comprehensive data, unlock the power of people analytics to inform and shape a data-driven HR strategy, driving organizational success. 

Mitarbeiterin sitzt an Tisch mit Laptop, trägt ein Headset und isst nebenbei ein Müsli mit Beeren
Gruppe von Mitarbeitenden sitzen bei HRinstruments lachend in einem Kreis bei einer Besprechung

Who is behind HRinstruments?

We love feedback

Day by day, our steadily growing team works together towards our vision. We are as diverse as our customers. We are psychologists, designers, business administrators, educators, and computer scientists, bringing together expertise from different disciplines for the development of our digital feedback software.

All-in-one: Feedback and People Analytics

A thoughtful and modern feedback strategy, incorporating various feedback instruments, is crucial to giving all employees a voice and understanding the needs of the workforce.

But we go a step further. With HRinstruments, you can extract deeper insights from surveys, discover trends, and thus make data-driven decisions. Our approach breaks down data silos – we use data from various sources to create a holistic picture. This means HR decisions are no longer made solely based on gut feelings.

Our all-in-one feedback software combined with People Analytics allows you to pursue a proactive and evidence-based HR strategy. The focus is on both employee well-being and business aspects. We not only provide tools but also support you on the path to effective and strategically oriented personnel development.

Customer References

We already have long-standing customers and exciting success stories. Let our customers convince you.


Frequently Asked Questions about Feedback Tools

A digital feedback landscape is the combination of various digital feedback instruments such as employee surveys, 360-degree feedback, team feedback, performance management, and more, which can be implemented through our software. The advantage of a feedback landscape is that it centralizes and digitally enables all employees in the organization to have a voice, thereby ensuring a positive employee experience.

The software from HRinstruments is scalable and is used by companies of various sizes. From small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations, the platform can be customized to meet individual needs. In the past, our platform has proven particularly effective for companies with a staff size ranging from 500 to 5000 employees.

Yes! Of course, you can customize the questions and topics of your feedback according to your preferences. With a wide selection of different feedback formats and question types, as well as customizable and modular report options, we can find the perfect solution for your specific case together.

The exact costs for HRinstruments’ feedback solutions vary depending on your company’s specific requirements, the selected functionalities from our module catalog, and your company’s size. To receive a customized pricing calculation, we recommend contacting our sales team. They will be happy to provide you with all relevant information about prices and licensing options to ensure that you get the best solution for your budget and needs.

Of course, we handle your data with strict confidentiality and anonymity at all times. We store all customer data exclusively on our own servers in Germany to provide you with the highest level of data security and confidentiality, and to fulfill our responsibility to you with the utmost conscientiousness.

Furthermore, we grant access to the survey results through a role and rights system. We follow the need to know principle, meaning access is only granted to those who require it for a specific task, such as accessing the results from your own feedback.

We operate under the motto ‘get every voice heard,’ and accordingly, we encourage all our clients to include both blue-collar and white-collar employees in employee surveys. To give this group of employees a voice, we have developed several options such as codes, communication apps, etc. This allows the involvement of deskless workers via terminals or BYOD (bring your own device). A dedicated corporate email address is not necessary.

We would be happy to advise you on which solution is most suitable for your company!


Dr. Michael Wendt

CEO of HRinstruments

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